Wednesday, June 08, 2005

White House Aide Changes Reports on Global Warming, Cannot Talk to Media, No Science Training

Bush Aide Changed Data on Global Warming Reports - Elites TV

What good is a science report that has been altered for spin? Absolutely nothing. The New York Times has reported that the White House chief of staff for Envirmental Affairs, Philip Cooney, has been routinely altering the environmental reports from scientists to reflect the White House policy stances on the environment. Some changes to the latest documents include deleting an entire paragraph on the slow disappearance of glaciers and snow packs "because," the margin note states, he was "straying from research strategy into speculative findings/musings." Let's run that by the ole comparator - hmmm, a paper on global warming that talks about the reduction of mountain glaciers and snow packs as a result thereof? Related? Yes! Offtopic? No.! Does the smell coming from the White House smell like Bullshit? Yes!

White House grade for altering reports? An "F".

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