Sunday, June 05, 2005

Texas Governor Shows Disdain For Separation of Church/State - Signs Anti-abortion Bill, Anti Gay Marriage Resolution at a Church School

Texas Gov. Signs Bill at Church SchoolGov. Perry today signed the new, harsher parental notification bill into law and a symbolic anti gay marriage resolution on a church school grounds. He continues to cater to the hardcore religious right, mainly Christians, without any regard for the constitutions of both the state and the nation. The new parental notification law will likely be challenged and found to be unconstitutional. The anti gay marriage amendment proposal will be presented for voters to ratify in November.

Just business as usual in the state captal - no new school funding law, but plenty of moral certainty and morality through legislation. Sheesh. It makes me ashamed to be from the same state as these haters. Compassionate, my ass! Whatever happened to live and let live? That is the Texas I want. Less government involvement in our lives - I thought the republican party used to stand for that? It was hijacked by idiotic religious fundamentalist Christians who think nobody else counts and their religion is the only one. I smell backlash in the future. Will we end up like the Middle East fractured by religious wars? I can happen if people don't get the religion out of government and politics. Foolish mortals!!!!!

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