Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Free Speech; House Tries Yet again to Prohibit Flag Burning - Idiots May Prevail

House Backs Ban On Flag Burning - New York Times The 16th time may be the charm for these uberpatriots as they pass yet another constitutional amendment proposal in the House of representatives. In the past, the sanity of the senate kept these moronic measures from being passed, but in this session of senate insanity, and with a majority of republicans in power, it could possibly be passed this time. Then, of course, the proposed amendment would have to be ratified by the states, which by way of observation, all 50 states have passed similar calls for the ban. It is a scary time to be a free American. Idiots abound; morons rule, and the religious right preach an intolerance that would shame facists. Tell your senator that you don't need to amend the constitution for trivialities such as this - save the power for something important - like liqour or voting rights.

When idiots and morons are in charge of the institution, things are likely to go wrong, indeed! Sheesh!

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