Saturday, April 30, 2005

New Planet Discovered Orbiting Another Star - Five Times the Size of Jupiter

Herald Sun: New planet out of this world [01may05]

A Planet that dwarfs the brown dwarf star it orbits was finally confirmed to be, indeed, a planet. The planet masses five times larger than our own massive planet, Jupiter. Read the story.


Lawmaker Named to Head Delay Investigation Has Financial Ties to Delay, Lobbyist

The New York Times > Washington > Lawmaker Should Step Aside in DeLay Inquiry, Groups Say


In yet another partisan turn, the chairman of the house ethics committee, a republican, named Pennsylvania Rep. Melissa hart to oversee the investigation into ethics violations of Rep. Tom Delay. Ms. Hart, a staunch republican partyliner, has received $15,000 in campaign funds from the PAC headed by Tom Delay, and has held campaign fundraisers at teh restaurant owned by the lobbyist, Abramoff - the central third party in the Delay ethics problems. She paid "for costs" of the fundraiser to the lobbyist owned restaurant more than $1500 to the Signatures restaurant, a place used by numerous republicans in congress for fundraisers.

It is amazing how many republicans have ties to this lobbyist who is at the center of thhis controversy. He is under investigation for criminal wrongdoing, has represented two separate Indian tribes on two different sides of the same gambling issue, and has strong ties to foreign countries that are less than frindly to the U.S.. The only choice the republicans have is to keep defending this lackluster lobbyist or those who have ties to him will soon find themselves facing ethics violations charges themselves. The alternative is for these lawmakers to come forward, admit their mistakes and take their lumps for being so cozy with lobbyists like him - but that will never happen. The republican party ran on the platform of accountability and responsibility, but none of them have yet to take the blame for any mistakes made in the last five years - don't hold your breathe waiting for any to do the right thing in this instance. Instead, they will continue to blame the meddling, biased media for their woes. What gets lost in all the rhetoric and name-calling are the American people. Remember them? They are the folks you yayhoos were sent to Washington to represent - not the lobbyists.


Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bush Primetime Press Conference: Misinformation and Infomercial

The Prez is giving his press conference - interrupting Survivor in order to have a large audience. My wife is pissed! He first talked about how much the White House is doing to curb high gas prices. WHat did he do? he held hands with the saudi prince in Crawford. He said there will be no price gouging at the pumps, yet the big oil companies reported record profits today - some $23-28 BILLION in Profit for the last quarter. That is where your gas money is going. He offered no other relief. There is plenty of oil, but no refinery capacity. Too little, too late.

he then talked of Social Security, saying that the people who retire now and in the future will receive greater benefits and more money than the prior generation. That is just so much hogwash - fuzzy math, if you will. Look it up for your self. The older generation of SSI recipients paid as little as 1/2 of a percent of their paycheck in to ssi, the employer did the same. It did go up to 1.5 percent during the sixties. We now pay 7.5 percent of our paycheck and the employer matches it. That is 15% versus 1.5 % The older generation gets a lot more benefit for the money paid in.

He is still for privatization of ssi accounts with limits on what you can invest in - the government would tell you your options. Like Treasury Bonds - yeah, right.

He blamed the old administration for the oil problem and promised no short-term fix. Blame it on Clinton.
He then failed to answer the question of mixing politics and religion, but did harp on activist judges that he wants to replace.

On increased terrorist attacks. He says we are successful abroad on combatting terrorism, so naturally they retaliate. He said we are making progress, and they will be defeat. We are spreading freedom and democracy. We will be relentless, he said.
He then denigrated all the reporters who were not TV reporters, taking questions first only from TV reporters. He then tried to make a joke of it - what an ass. I would discipline my kid for such idiotic tendencies.

The prez then talked about Iranian Nuclear problems. He tried to explain the stance of the U.S. about Russia's bidness with Iran. He failed miserably.
On Bolton. He said John Bolton is a seasoned diplomat, and the fact that he has been confirmed 4 times on other capacities by the senate. he is blunt, and will reform the U.N.. He then tried to use a meeting with a U.N. diplomat to Syria, er, ummm, Lebanon. He actually lost me - no clear communication. He said Bolton Would be blunt and strong.

Back to SSI: Private accounts a part of a comprehensive program. Later retirement for you and me than for our fathers, Ownership, he claims is what we need to feel important.

No answer on a timetable or a general time for when troops will come home from Iraq. same ole same ole. he said our troops are becoming equipped - after 2 years of war, equipment is finally arriving?!?!

He said we have reduced the the troop deployment from 160,000 to 139,000. But, hey! Insurgent attacks are way up, also.
He said our troops being in Iraq are not a problem for easing tension in other places - No problems for the Joint Chiefs and the pentagon. He then talked of Norht korea - The dictator is a dangerous man, the prez said. And it was his idea to include other nations in the talks. (Today the press announced that the intelligence community reported that N.Korea has long-range missiles with nuclear capabilities, and the activity in their weapons plants are significantly greater.)

On polarizing effects in Waashington - no problem - it is just politics. To quell the question he said he is proud of his party - they are the party of ideas - but he does not mean to politize this issue. Yeah, real partisan quelling, President Bush.

He then touted his lawsuit reform bill and bankruptcy reform, which he was proud to sign (a big win and payback to the big republican contributors).

He also said he doesn't care about polls - even though his sinking poll numbers brought forth this very press conference in primetime, no less!

On Renditioning, (Intelligence agents taking suspects to a third country where torture is legal) - He called the question a hypothetical -but yes, we will detain people who are a harm to the U.S. It sounded like a "yes" without saying yes - a terrible way to operate.

On the downturn in the Economy: yes, the downturn is affecting his agenda, but he is sure it will grow, when he gets asbestos lawsuit reform passed through congress, and reduce regulation. like his Energy bill.

He then talked about the "success" of his education program - we measure and we know they can read and write and do arithmatic. Experts say it is not working, and the new proposed budget will cut student loans and grants, and he has not funed well the No Child Left Behind Act. He said states should control their education systems, yet he then said they should get on board with his program.

The networks then cut him off - midsentence. Tough.

So, he did not give specifics on Social Security Reform, and reiterated his stances we all know so well - nothing new. he could have said all this in a memo to the press, and not look so self-serving, and screwing up our TV viewing on Thursdays. I would have rather watched old Joey reruns.

Natural Science Report: Ivory-billed Woodpecker Sighting confirmed, What a comeback!

Sightings Reported of Woodpecker Believed Extinct Since 1944

Cool news, if true. Fuzzy video and sightings reported from Arkansas shows that the believed-to-be extinct Ivory-billed woodpecker is alive and living in the swamps. One was last seen in 1944, and was the poster child for the save-the-wildlife projects all over the U.S.

Now, if we could only confirm that Arkansas really exists, it would be a win-win situation.

Lugar Predicts Bolton's Approval - I Predict Bolton Will Bolt, Withdraw His name From Consideration

Lugar Predicts Bolton's Approval

If sen. Lugar can predict, I can,too. Since Lugar is wrong almost every time he takes a stand about a controversy, I can safely predict that U.N. Ambassadoral nominee Bolton will quietly withdraw his name from consideration for that post, saving the president and his supporters from being wishy-washy. You heard it here first. Bolton out - some other Bush yesman partyliner in.

Senate Leader Frist Offers Noncompromising Compromise, Dems Call It "A Big Wet Kiss To the Radical Right"

Politics News Article ||Republican Leader Offers Compromise on Judges

HO HUM. More of the same from Bill Frist. The latest "offer" of compromise is essentially this: limit a filibuster to 100 hours of debate, then the nomination must go for a full senate confirmation vote. What this means is no filibuster. A filibuster, by definition, is the unlimited debate that goes on until one side or the other caves - until the filibuster is over, no other business may be conducted. It is a powerful tool that has kept many bad laws from being passed, and many horrible nomination picks from being confirmed.

His "nuclear option" threat is getting to be old. It won't be used for the same reason banning judicial filibusters is call the "nuclear option: It is kind of like mutually assured destruction. If he pushes the button, so to speak, he launches a no-holds barred fight in the senate, and no more business as usual. His moderate voters will find his rhetoric souring rapidly, and the dems will look like the, justified, outraged voice of reason. Good luck, Mr. Frist. Say goodbye to a presidential bid in 2008. So handsome, so out of step.

Fluff Report: Tom Cruise,42, Takes Dip in the Kiddie Pool - Dating Katie Holmes, 26

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Now an Item

A little fluff to lighten the load - Cruise is now dating Katie Holmes, who was engaged to actor Chris Klein just two weeks ago. Cruise was dating and living with Penelope Cruz a little while ago, and he has been married twice before: to Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman.

For such a short, weird guy, he sure does get some ladies. Who's the top gun? He is! Kudos to Tom for his taste. Just think: when he 65 she will be a good memory for him - it won't last, so no biggie on the age difference. Get over it, folks.

State Department Hid Report of 2004 Rise in Terrorist Attacks A "Significant Threat"

State Department Keeps Report Under Wraps

Another report, another coverup. A 2004 report on the increase in the number of terrorist attacks, and calling the increase a "significant threat" was hidden from the press and public.

Business as usual in the Bush Administration - keep anything that makes them look bad under wraps, then spin it when it comes out. Sheesh! Didn't Nixon teach these guys anything? Guess not. Arrogance and power breed a special type of contempt for the intelligence of the average American - We are smarter than we act. Most of the time. When we know the facts.

House Ethics Rules Revert To Old Rules - But all Five Republican Panel Members in Delay's Pockets

The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Controversial ethics rules are withdrawn by House


The house reversed itself by overwhelmingly voting to reverse the ethics rules changes instituted in Janury. Afew of the highlights are: The Texas Republican Delegation voted against the measure, but Tom Delay voted for the measure. I guess he wants to show how anxious he is to "clear his good name". The other interesting item is that all five republican members on the ethics panel have financial ties to Delay, either by contributing to Delay's Legal Defense Fund, or by receiving campaign funds from him and his PACs, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. These are the same folks who will judge Tom Delay on his ethical conduct.

Looks like a packed court to me - how does it look to you? Read the report at the above link.

Bush Energy Plan: Too Little, Too Late - No Real Help, Lots of Smoke - No heat

Bush Is Blowing Smoke on Energy

Bush and the republicans have slipped in the polls, so they trot out a new energy plan and say it is a priority. According to this report from Businessweek, Bush's speech today mirrored almost word for word the memo from Frank Luntz, republican pollster. last winter. Dick Cheney, just after the 2004 election, said that energy would be moved to a real low priority for 2005. Now that the repiblicans need to score big with the voting public, Bush suddenly realizes there is an energy crisis - where was he and the other fatcat republicans the last few years? Touting moral control issues and social security and war in Iraq, that's where!

The bottom line of the energy plan is that it WILL. NOT. HELP. IN. THE. SHORT-TERM. Get a clue, Mr. President! Real changes that help now would be good - how about rolling back the federal and state gas taxes that were supposed to be short-term? You say we Americans pay too much in tax - put our money where your mouth purports to be. How about a plan that would force all blends of gas to be the same across the U.S. - It would make it easier to refine, help fight pollution, and lower costs of refinment. And since when do the oil companies (who pay almost ZERO Taxes - EVER) need taxpayer land provided by the government in order to build new plants? They have more money than god, and their profits are up. It serves the oil and energy companies to keep the refinery capacity limited - they reap huge profits that way. Let 'em BUY their own land, but force them to build new refinery capacity in the name of national security. Sheesh! Do I have spell everything out for you? Do what you are paid to do - solve these probs for the American people, not help your oil and energy buddies. Under your plan, they get richer, and we pay the bill in higher prices.

And quit holding hands in public with Despotic leaders like the Saudi Prince - it looks bad, and will bite you in the ass when it is proved they are behind a lot of terrorism funding. Doofus!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The "Duh!" Report: Study Shows TV Ads For Drugs Affect Presciptions - Patients Get Unneeded Drugs - DUH! | TV ads influence drug prescriptions: U.S. study

No Sh@t, Sherlock! A new study says that TV ads for prescription drugs influences the drugs prescribed by doctors. The study finds taht most patients who mention a drug to their doctor end up with a 'script' for that drug- even if it is unnecessary.

anyone with the brains of a chimp already know that the drug companies would not spend BILLIONS on inundating the marketplace with TV spots if it did not work - Their profits have soared since they started advertising - and so have their prices. Each dollar they spend on advertising is tack on to the price of the drugs. If the government was really serious about lowering healthcare costs they would have done something about the drug companies - It is not the lawsuits that hurt medicine costs; it's the moneygrubbing friends of the politicians that cause the expenses. Drug companies and insurance companies have big bucks and they use it on politicians. Each healthcare reform measure that comes out of congress has exemptions for drug companies and healthcare companies to protect them from lawsuits.


Unreasonable Rant Shows Why Radical Right are So Wrong - "Might Makes Right" Attitude Not In Spirit of America

Are Republicans In Power Or Not? - Dave Gibson

Here is a link to a rant by dave Gibson - America's favorite self-appointed radical conservative. Read his rant as a reverse barometer for the way things need to be. His attitude is that those in power should shove aside any dissent and pass their agenda into law no matter the results (I would have used consequences, but I was afraid that anyone who reads his column regularly might not understand such a large, thought-filled word).

Might Does not make right - and we are a majority rule, minority rights country. That is the difference between us and those other countries - we actually keep the minority as a strong dissent, and it changes the dynamics. It served the republicans in good stead when they were the minority party - it will serve them well again in the future.

"The Note": Behind the scenes look at the political goings-on

ABC News: The Note: "As Strongly As He Ever Has"

A good read - The note is a compilation of the political happenings from the day. Today's Note is chock full of quotes by "unamed sources" that cast doubts on Tom Delay, Bolton, and other news stories of the day.

A must read - see if you can identify the unamed source who made the quotes - a great political party game which can be played at home. (Hint: the first one I'd say may have been made by an old man who puppetmasters in the White House and has a bad ticker - wink, wink)

House Speaker Ready To Cave On Ethics Rules Changes, Dems Study Proposal | Republicans May Clear Way for DeLay Probe

It seems as though the house republicans may have finally seen the error of their ways. They are saying the ethics rules changes put in place to protect Tom Delay from himself may be voted down today. The essential change that is at issue is the 45 day rule - this rule is self-working in that if the question of someone's ethics is stonewalled for 45 days, then an automatic dismissal of the charges occur. In other words, it pays to delay.

I don't care if you are republican or democrat - rules like these serve no good purpose; it merely adds another layer in which politicians can hide from the scrutiny of the press and the people.

About damned time!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Fluff Report: "Star Wars" Series Planned For TV - One Animated, One With Live Actors - Wookies Cheer Loudly

George Lucas planning two 'Star Wars' television series

George Lucas announced that he is working on two television series - one animated half-hour program and one live action series based on support characters form the Star Wars movies. Of course, we shall have to wait at least a year for the live action series, according to Lucas - he always makes you wait for it.

Frist's TV Performance Criticised By Religious Right as Too Moderate.

Frist drawing fire from conservatives - (United Press International)

Bill Frist's televised participation in a broadcast against the judiciary is drawing fire from all sides. Some say he is a traitor to the right because he took a moderate stance on judges. Some say he is a too moderate on the Terri Schiavo fiasco. Still others, as the link above does, say he is a traitor to republicans because his speech was an implied slam at Tom Delay. The majority of Christians say he is mixing politics and religion too much.

I still maintain that thhis is the first Frist salvo in the bid for the presidential nominee in 2008 - and that Frist claiming to be moderate is like me claiming to be godly. What a misstep by Frist.

Frist Claims "No Deal" on Judicial filibusters - Stalemate Goes On.

Guardian Unlimited | Frist Says He's Not Interested in Deals

Bill Frist scuttled the deal senate minority leader Harry Reid had worked out over the weekend. The deal was to have let two judicial nominees from Michigan trhough for a full vote and the "nuclear option" would be removed from the table. Frist rejected the deal at a news conference claiming the nominees deserve a straight up or down vote of the full senate.

The historical perspective shows that the republicans, when they were in the minority under Clinton, refused at least two of Clinton's nominees a full vote in the senate. That is the purpose of the judicial committee - to scuttle any nominee that is less than acceptable for whatever reason. If the committee can't agree on the nominee, then chances are that the nominee is not a good candidate. It works both ways and was put in place as a rule to prevent precisely the problem we have now - the ramming down the throats of the American people judicial nominees that are too far left or right in their philsophy. The committee and the filibuster are the only tools that keep idotic idealogues from being rubber-stamped in a majority ruled senate.

Let's face it - some of Bush's selections for power spots have been pretty bad choices - and we need some roadblocks to absolute power - that absolute power led us into war in Iraq. No weapons of mass destruction were found and the hunt for WMDs was officially over yesterday. THe prez is not always right.And Bill Frist is almost always wrong. Use him as a reverse barometer and you will do well.

High Court Agrees With Gun Owner - "any court" means Domestic Court, Not Foreign Court

The New York Times > Washington > Justices Side With Gun Owner Who Concealed Arrest in Japan

In a win for the gun owners and the Second Amendment, SCOTUS agreed in a 5-3 decision (the chief justice did not vote) that the question on the federal form for convictions of a year or more in "any court" means a domestic court in the U.S. - not a foreign court. The case stems from a man who bought a gun, filled out the federal form for a background check, and was found to have been convicted of a felony in Japan. He was arrested as a felon in possession of firearms for not putting that fact on the form. The lower courts decided that his theory of 'only U.S. courts" was meant on the form was rejected. The high court decided that some laws in other countries were a bit harsh at times, and these convictions should not count against would-be gun owners. The dissenting justices, Thomas, Scalia and Kennedy, said there majority was wrong in that a convition was a conviction and was a reliable indicator of toruble or dangerousness in the applicants for gun purchase. We are talking about the same two justices (Scalia and Thomas) that are the darlings of the right, and the the justice (Kennedy) that the hard right wants to impeach. How is that for irony.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Frist Uses Religious TV In Major Political Fiasco - Mixing Religion and Politics - Frist defends efforts to stop filibusters

Bill Frist in his first opening move for the White House bid in the next election, denounced democrats as being against men of faith in the senate judicial nominee process. At the same time, Frist also took a step back from his stance on the Terri Schiavo debacle in an effort to appear more moderate. The man is using fear and faith to make the case that the liberals are "godless" - which is worse - to be against bad judicial nominees, or to use religion as a tool to get ahead? Frist only cares about the religious right because he thinks they will vote for him - he no more cares for them than he does for the constitutional separation of church and state. He is not good for the country - not because I detest the man, but rather because he is power-hungry and egocentric. He and Tom Delay would make a good ticket - for a Hitlerlike regime. It is real scary, and when Americans get scared they tend to fight back. I hope they fight back by voting these yayhoos out of office and off the island or, as Trump would say, "you're fired."

Prez Claims High Gas Prices Were "Years in the making", Claims New Energy Bill Will Help - Experts Say "How?"

Bush's Gas Attack (

In yet another 'pass the blame" moment, the president claims that high gas prices were 'years in the making', implying that the prior administration is to blame. Not his war in Iraq, nor his failed energy policies, nor his administrations ties to the giant oil and energy companies. Instead, Bush linked his new energy bill to lowering gas prices - a magic bullet that does nothing for high gas prices, according to experts. One expert said it may help many years down the road, but not much and certainly not now.

If the prez really wanted to help the consumers on gas prices, he should have got off his butt more than a year ago when it was obvious to everyone the gas crisis was really a crisis. Have you noticed that nobody has used that word yet? I have noticed, and I have used it - CRISIS. The high prices will trickle down on you real soon. It is already affecting car/truck sales, and flying. Wait for the reports from GM, Ford, and Chrysler. The Sock market is already volatile - just htink if your SSI money was in that cauldren!

Delay Commits Political Suicide - Illegality Put In Writing|Delay Trip Charged to Lobbyist Credit Card: Report

The Washington Post reported today that the itinerary of Tom Delay shows conclusively that Delay's trips abroad for himself and his wife were paid for by lobbyists. It is all in the article and the link in the prior blog blurb below.

Tom Delay almost has that smug look knocked off his face - a few more like this and they might call for resignation of his unethical, arrogant self.

Tom Delay On The Ropes - Claims He Did Not Know Lobbyists Paid For Trips, And No Big Deal - Tom DeLay's drama also rich in comedy

Here is a wonderful op/ed piece that explains the Delay controversy quite well, and it explains who the players behind the trips and influence peddling are - the discredited lobbyist who represented Native American Gambling interests against each other, and it also explains Ralph Reeds connection with the whole tired, sad, comedic affair.

Tom "I did it, but it is a liberal media conspiracy" Delay is definitely on the ropes, and the senior republicans in Washington are still trying to hold him upright at the expense of their own ethics and credibility. This and the Bolton fiasco are but a few of the giant missteps the Washington republicans have made. The really sad part of this is that while they squabble over turf and trying to create a bulldog agenda, the politicos have let the country fend for itself with skyhigh gas prices, Iraqis B.S. and other nontrivial issues. Sheesh! What a bunch of maroons!

Finger Lady's Attorney Calls $500,000 Bond "Outrageous" - Points Finger at Reward Offered By Wendy's | 04/24/2005 | Attorney criticizes scrutiny of client

The attorney for the Wendy's finger lady has spoken out against the huge amount of press and the reward offered by the mega-company. He also says he has not seen the evidence against his client, but he expects her to waive extraditiion next week.

I, too, believe the bond amount is way too high, and that if the cops cannot identify where the finger came from, then all they have is a couple of people who claim the finger lady admitted she placed the finger into the chili. Since Wendy's is offering a $100,000 reward on information, what would keep the witnesses from making up the story? It may be a hoax, but without identification of the finger's donor, this case is much ado about nothing.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Legislature Gives Huge Tax Breaks To Energy Companies - No Good News For Consumers | House Approves $8 Billion Energy Bill

House republicans gives billions in tax cuts that benefit the large energy companies, and the new bill offers protection from lawsuits for companies that make Fuel additives that release carcinogens and pollute the drinking water. Very little of the new energy bill addresses renewable energy, but concentrates on traditional energy sources.

The rich get richer - the poor get screwed, as usual from this anti-consumer oriented administration and legislature.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Texas House passes Bill To Prohibit Gays From Being Foster Parents - Uneducated Rednecks Still Okay As Parents

Texas Says Gays Can't Be Foster Parents It just goes to show you that republicans who mix god and politics will always enact their prejudices. But the republicans only foster white, small, perfect babies. Let's limit the choices and leave other children to be raised by the state because they are not suitable for the white republicans, and people who want to help are banned from giving that help. If there is a god (and I doubt it), and he/she sees what is happening, I hope he/she makes these people's lives very miserable for their hatemangering. They should be required to raise all those foster kids that won't have a home because of their unconstitutional, evil laws. Homosexuality is not a disease, is not contagious, nor has it been proved that gay people are harmful to children. In fact, all the studies suggest that there is no difference in sexuality of those raised by gay parentsthan those raised by straight parents. I think these wrong-headed republicans think of child molestation and being gay as going together - it AIN'T TRUE! The studies have stated that there is less chance of that happening. pedophilia and homosexuality are not the same thing. Deal with it, morons!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Delay Criticises Justice Kennedy For Using Internet As A Research Tool - Stops Short Of Calling For Impeachment

DeLay issues denial of ethics violations

Delay Sent mailing to his supporters denying all allegations of ethics violations. Instead, he blames the liberals who "hate" his leadership, the liberal press who has made this a story, and the liberal judges who do not decide cases his way. I still say he is an idiot. He understands exactly what he is doing. He has skirted the line between legal and illegal that if he were a civilian he would be like one of those Enron felons. His attitude is so arrogant and so partisan that he cannot possibly be good for the country.

In an interview on a conservative radio talk show, Tom Delay criticised supreme court Justice Anthony Kennedy for doing research on the internet. He does not understand that almost all case law is on the internet. You don't have to use lots of staffers fetching this book and that book anymore. Delay thinks that looking at and considering other laws and cases outside the country is an "activist" activity. Delay likely does not own a computer,and probably has his henchmen do his emailing for him. He most likely uses or has his people use the internet to research Anthony Kennedy. He is an insular, hatemongering, archconservative who believes that if you dare disagree with him then you are a traitor.

I no longer have a use for this man - he is the architect of hate and of expediency. Get rid of him. Instead of listening to his hate-filled words, people should call for his impeachment, because if he is left in power we shall soon have our first impeachment of a supremce court justice. Justice Kennedy was appointed by the poster child of conservativism, Ronald Reagan. Remember, you read this prediction here first.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Frist's Threat of "Nuclear Option" Brings Senate to the Brink of War - 200 Year Tradition at Risk

GOP's Filibuster Strategy Could Backfire

Sen. Bill Frist's threat to eliminate the filibuster for judicial nominations is about to bring the senate business to a halt. This is the problem of having one party in control of all the branches of government - If idealolgy is more important than fairness and the rule of law, we might as well admit we are no different than other countries of the world. The GOP needs to get over its arrogant self and remember that the rules serve a purpose, and that these same rules let their own party have a voice and a say in the workings of our government when they were not in power.

We are a country that values minority rights while the majority rules. Our constitution is riddled with minority rights protections. It is a very important part of our structure. To change it in this manner, at this time, would be tantamount to declaring war on our system - the GOP has already declared war on the democrats. They still label all democrats as "liberal" as if to two were synonymous. They aren't any more than republican and conservative mean the same - there are liberal republicans and conservative democrats. Pull back on the rhetoric and let's remember what makes this country different from all the others in the world. Sheeesh! When idiots have the power, idiotic laws should be expected - but it is not too late for a little reason.

Education Agency Probe Says Williams Promo Hire Not Wrong - Just Stupid.

Federal Probe: Pundit Hire Not Unethical

An internal investigation says the hiring of right-wing pundit Armstrong Williams to tout Bush's "No Child Left Behind" program for $240,000 was not illegal nor unethical, but it was stupid and a waste of money, according to the new Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings.

Of course, the investigation was conducted by the education department's own inspector general - not an outside agency. And, Paige's deputy director of communications Dunn continued the contract.

Spellings said the White House knew nothing of the hire, and the White House said Bush did not approve of the conduct of the agency, but they still let the contract run. When asked why the administration did not shut the hired right-wing pundit program down, Spellings said the White House assumed that the people hired to for the agency would run it properly.

The inspector genereal's internal investigation only dealt with contract law - not illegal use of federal money for covert propoganda, nor did it deal with the ethical issues. According to the internal report and other people close to the agency, the White House knew about the program and did nothing to stop it. In Harry Truman's day, the White House was where the buck stopped - in this White House it seems the Buck not only whizzes through the house, it soars out hte other side and picks up tacit approval. This administration has looked the other way on many things - and has never taken the responsibility. The "accountable" prez has never been accountable. We shall have to live with the mess he leaves when his term ends - get your mops and Bon Ami ready.

Another Republican calls for Delay to "Step Aside" While Under Investigation

Rep. Tancredo Suggests DeLay Resign (

As another republican suggests that rep. Tom Delay step aside, Tom Delay has yet to speak anything of substance in answering the allegations against him, his familym or his PAC activities. Methinks the the man doeth protest too much. What is he hiding? If everything is legal and ethical, he could just trot out the facts. Just the facts, ma'am. Book 'em Dano!

Friday, April 15, 2005

NRA Takes Potshots at Dems, "Liberal" Media - As Usual, Shots Fall Wide of Target - NRA speakers jab at liberals, the media

The NRA proved once again that it is just a front for the Republicans - Instead of talking gun issues, they slammed the democrats and the media. Asking Tom Delay to be the keynote speaker is also another sign of the not-so-hidden agenda. As an independent who tends to vote democrat, I own guns. My wife owns guns. We both can shoot our weapons accurately. We think gun ownership is a right and an individual choice. We don't support attempts to subvert the 2nd Amendment. But we also don't appreciate the verbal attacks on people just because they don't agree with you. Lots of Dems own guns and support the right to do so. Give us a break and quit endorsing idjits like Tom Delay just because he claims to be a gun advocate. There is advocacy and there is ethics - without one, the other is just so much hot air.

Stanford, Harvard, Other Business schools Reject Accepted Students For Peeking at Acceptance Too Early

The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: Web-site breach at Stanford may be "teachable moment"

Students who had originally been accepted at 18 prestigious business schools were rejected for checking on their acceptance status earlier than the schools had planned. Someone had posted the url to peek at the acceptance online through the use of a backdoor on the site the schools use. The students had to log in with unique passwords and user names to access their file with the data in it.

The schools called the peeking an ethics violation; the students called it open territory - it's posted on the the web and accessible only to the student affected. So, it was three weeks early. Big deal, the students say. "it was my own information - I just got it early", one student said. The schools said the violation was enough for the applicants to be rejected.

Where's the ethics violation? Is it cheating? Was it dishonest? Did it affect the outcome of other students? If the decision to accept or reject the students was already made why sit on the decisions? These and other questions should cause the schools to reconsider exactly what the harm is and exactly where the ethical considerations come into play. If you cannot define it then ethics is not the issue - you are just mad that they learned about their acceptance ahead of your schedule. No ethics violation took place. Had the students changed their info, or caused another student to be rejected, then I would be the first to question the ethics of the applicants; however, they had to be aboveboard by logging in with the user/password given to them by the school in order to check on their status - a smart person figured out how to get the info they wanted to know. I still say the schools practice unethical behavior when they sit on acceptances and rejections for so long. The applicants should be informed when the decision is made so they can quit worrying or make new plans for their life. Turnabout is fair play. Play fair.

Bill Frist Threatens To Change the Rules in The Senate - Brings Religion into Judicial Nominee Process Accuses Frist of Exploiting Religion in Politics

In yet another push to insert religion into politics, Sen. Bill Frist threatens to use the nuclear option - changing the rules for fillibusters in the senate - in order to get hardcore relgious conservative judges through the senate process of review. Traditionally, if a nominee was so far out there that he/she could not get an up vote from the committee the nominee was rejected. And if an unsavory choice made to the floor for a vote, then the minority party had a right to fillibuster. If the fillibuster succeeded, then the nominee was rejected. Now, the senate majority leader wants to eliminate both of these checks and balances for the sake of expediency. Bringing religion into politics has always been a bad idea, but changing the rules for the sake of idealology is just bad all around.

Somebody needs to remind the senators why we chose to have separation of church and state. Leave religion at home where it belongs. Give us back the process without injecting your religious views, and we will all be better off.

Proposed Texas Constitutional Amendment Heads To The Floor Banning Gay Marriage

Houston Voice Online

The Republican right up in Austin are at it once again - trying to shove their religious agenda down our throats. They want amend the Texas Constitution to banned gay marriages. What is with these people!?! Are they so threatened by gay folks that they go out of their way to create trouble. The only time our constitution should be amended is when it affects everyone. Don't try to make into law your religious convictions - you can be replaced as easy as you were put in power.

Texas House Speaker Flubs Civics Lesson at School - Needs Refresher Course - Texas House Speaker goes to school

Texas Speaker Craddock went to school to give teachers a 30 minute break as part of a plan to emphasize education, and flubbed the civics lesson. Kids in the class asked him about the federal government workings, and the Texas Legislative leader told them that "Up there they have 400 and some on the House side, 454, and they have fewer on the Senate side, 60," Actually, the House of representatives have 435 members; the senate has 100 senators and the vice-president presides over it and casts a vote in the event of ties.

It is understandable to flub stats and numbers when one is speaking off the cuff, but, really - this is basic civics. The sad thing is: nobody corrected the speaker. so much for are edjicashon system. Really sad.

Dig This! Nobody Understands Computer Jargon-laden Papers, MIT Students Prove

Computer gibberish accepted by boffins

In a prank to prove how little is understood in jargon-laden papers submitted to some journals and conferences, students from MIT set up a computer program to generate context null papers completely grammatically correct. One of their papers was accepted by conference organizers, who admit they were fooled because they did not read the paper - it was one of a few they accept without reading. The orgainzers said they are thinking of revamping their acceptance guidelines.

That would be a good idea in light of the situation, ya think?

Evolution report;Unlaid Eggs found in Fossil Dinosaur - Laying two at a time Proven.

Dinosaur found with unlaid eggs

Check out this article - A good read, and it explains the significance to the biological chain and links between dinosaurs, reptiles and birds. Very interesting and needed for a break from the serious news.

President, Republicans Cheer Bankruptcy Law Making Regular people Accountable, But Where Is Their Accountability?

Top Stories - The Olympian - Olympia, Washington

The Prez and the other republicans on the hill finally did the bidding of their bankrollers - the credit card companies - and passed the bankruptcy reform bill into law. These folks want you to be accountable, but where is their accountability? The prez has put us in a war on terrorism and has not found the originator of the 9/11 attack; he has not been accountable for his rush into war with Iraq based on overzealous, faulty intelligence; he has not purged his administration of the Energy crisis originators; he has not ridded his administration of those who endorsed torture of prisoners; nor has he backed any measure to hold accountable for the unethical behavior on the part of his fellow republicans. Where is this accountablilty they laud so loudly. They want your children to be accountable, they want you to be accountable, but they do not accept the same responsibility. Instead, they always blame someone else, but nobody has lost their jobs; they have, instead, been given better jobs, promotions, and they have consolidated their powerbase across the world organizations - all this accomplished right under the noses of a snoozing public distracted by Terri Schiavo, the pope, and other nonessential stories.

Sheesh! Wake, fellow citizen idiots! Hold these leaders accountable to YOU for their actions. They don't listen to you, but they do try to tell you how you should live and act. These are the same folks who ran on a platform of individual rights, liberties, and smaller, less intrusive government. What we have now is an intrusive government who wants to run your personal life, hold you accountable for moral decisions soley affecting you or your family, and a much larger government that spends your future tax dollars like water - yet they will not do anything to curb the oil price crisis, straighten up the tax code, or let you fly with a lighter. I think they laugh at the public who elected them when they meet behind closed doors - and they should because YOU voted for them. You reap what you sow.

Texas Lawmakers On Course To subvert Your Rights at Pharmacies, and Try to Slip in Anti-abortion Bill

News 8 Austin | 24 Hour Local News | TOP STORIES | Women's rights bills up for debate

While you were out, the Texas Legislature is trying to curtail your rights as part of an ongoing right-to-life campaign. One bill would allow pharmicists to refuse to fill your prescription of emergency birth control and contraceptives. This means the pharmicist can pick and choose which scripts to fill. A very slippery slope, folks!

The other bills would require parental notification and consent for girls 16 years and younger - a clear violation of The U.S. Supreme Court's rulings that a judicial bypass is a neccesity to any anti-abortion law.

These folks just don't care about the constitution or your rights - they only care about their narrow-vision agenda. I say fire the lot of them!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Former GOP Lawmakers Call For Restoration of House Ethics Rules - Say Rule Change Was Only To Protect Tom Delay

The New York Times > Washington > 10 Ex-G.O.P. Lawmakers Attack Changes in Ethics Rules

Yet another blow for the house republicans and Tom Delay. Former GOP house members wrote a letter to the speaker of the house decrying the change in the ethics rules that were meant only to protect Tom Delay from hhis own actions, and the the letter also said the admonitions against Delay last year were warranted.

stay tuned to see if Tom Delay will answer the charges to the full ethics panel, or will he meet with just the republican committee chairperson behind closed doors? The latter, I suspect. They have already comprimised their own ethics to protect the weasel - in for a penny; in for a pound. Soon, delay, soon.

Combined Sweep Nets 10,000 Fugitives - Doughnuts For Everyone! - Thousands arrested in largest U.S. dragnet Federal, state and Local police combined to make the largest dragnet in U.S. history, netting more than 10,000 warranted fugitives. Amazing what the police can do when they put in a little effort. I did the math: if there are two million police officers in the U.S. (there are more than that) and they netted 10,000 fugitives out of a million that are in the database (a mere one percent), then it took 198 cops to arrest each fugitive.

At those odds, i may take up crime for a living. It might beat lawyering all to hell.

Bush Rethinks The New Passport Regs - Might Slow Flow of Trade, Tourism.

Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Bush Seeking More Flexible Passports Rule

In an unprecedented move, the prez is coming to the conclusion that closing the border under the newer, stricter passport rules would do more harm than good. About damned time! Now, if he would just reconsider most everything else his administratiion has done, we would be in much better shape - freedomwise, that is. We shall see. Don't hold your breath.

House Ethics Republicans Shoot Down Democrats Efforts to Add Fairness to Rules - House Republicans kill plan to change ethics rules

In still a further effort to shield Tom Delay, the house ethics committee shoot down an attempt to equalize the rules that republicans changed in January. The House republicans are bending so far backwards to protect the king of unethical behavior that they look like arrogant fatcats who feel that the public is not paying attention. I think they are right in this respect - where is the outcry. All the voting public cares about is whatever their leaders tell them to care about - talk about lamers! Look, the Pope is dead and buried; so is terri Schiavo. You can now turn your attention to the running of the country - hey! These are YOUR elected leaders that are changing the rules willy-nilly just to protect their idjit bulldog. Let's hear your voices or soon the republicans will take away that right, too. Sheesh! WAKE UP, AMERICA - IT'S STILL ABOUT ETHICS - NOT THE DEMS!

Lighters Banned on Planes - Matches OK. Back to The Stoneage / Lighter ban on planes begins

Lighters are banned, but you can carry four books of cardboard matches. What's next?!?! You must go nude on the plane carrying nothing at all?!?! And you pay for the privilege.

You folks who value security over freedom deserve all this B.S. Serves you right! Maybe next time it won't be your wife that will be groped at the airport. Stupid people deserve stupid laws. Faw!!! I am disgusted with all of you. What maroons!

Anti-consumer Bankruptcy Law Passed by Congress - President Pays back Big Business

The New York Times|In Victory for Bush, House Approves Bankruptcy Bill

In of the most anti-consumer moves, congress passed the new Bankruptcy reform Law. The president will sign it, and consisders this one of his big victories. The credit card companies, who donated huge bucks to the president's campaign, and to other major republicans. This is the same president that declared victory over Osama and Iraq. What this means is that the regular voter has no real voice in congress nor with the president. These guys are only on the side of big business, and more to the point, those businesses that contributed to their political campaigns. Why do you think the Republicans received so much money last election cycle - because they are sooooooo compassionate to the working man? Yeah, right! And I am sipping fruit drinks on my yacht in the Caribbean.

Finger Food Case Sparks Nationwide Finger Hunt - Police Given The Finger

Finger tip from Nevada woman unlikely to be finger found in chili

Nevada Police are receiving Tips on the origin of the fingertip allegedly found in a bowl of Wendy's Chili. Digitally speaking, this investigation is not being given the importance that it should be given; Fingers don't just lay around loose for people to pick up at their leisure. It had to have a source, usually a hand attached to a body.

For all you junior sleuths out there, Wendy's is offering a $50,000 reward for the tip that leads to the origin of the tip they have. That's just a little fingerfood for thought.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Fluff Report: Spears Pregnant After All - Last Week She Called Journalists "Liars" For Saying Same.

CBS News | Spears Pregnant; ER Visit 'Minor'

Okay, a little fluff break. Britney Spears, after calling tabloid reporters "liars" last week, announced on her website that she is pregnant. I hate to say it, but the tabloids printed the truth, and even reported on a hospital visit by the pop star that was 'scary". What Britney was calling them lairs about was that the hospital visit was not that serious - only a little bleeding. Sheeesh! Folks only visit hospitals in emergency situtations when they are scared or think it is serious.

Let's see if she changes to the "mother' figure and starts promoting all things baby and all things family - heck, she will likely become the poster child for baby-making. Remember that is what Madonna did. Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage - fer sure! Yeah, right!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Capitol Police Praised For Taking down Unarmed Tourist Near Capitol, Blowing Up His Luggage

ABC News: Man With Suitcases Captured at Capitol

If this Chinese tourist in Washington D.C. was a tourist, then Capitol Police overreacted. I find this kind of zeal a detriment to a free society and a huge violation of this man's constitutional rights. Why isn't anyone else talking about this. Instead, others are praising the actions as a great preventive action. I am outraged! We no longer have the right to carry suitcases in public, to not talk to police and to keep the police from taking us down at their whim. The man was not in violation of any law. If what happened to him ever happened to me, I would be the most pissed American ever to walk the face of the Earth.

We need to cut back on security and restore our basic civil rights before we have to walk goose-step to go to the bathroom. I can see it now - "Excuse me, sir, but i have this paper that says I can pee. Please, may I pee now?"

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Cookie Monster Becomes PC Muppet in Misguided Effort to Fight Obesity - What's Next? Elmo To Speak Proper English?!?

Sesame Street's "Cookie Monster" Has Been Emasculated

Cookie Monster becomes the poster muppet for political correctness in Ssame Street's efforts to promote healthy foods. So what will it be now? "C" is for carrots, cabbages, and carob? Give me a friggin break! Sheesh!

Republicans Say Delay Should Step Down - Delay Says He Has No Problems at All| Shays Says DeLay Should Step Down Even some congressional republicans are calling for Tom Delay to step down. Delay says he is looking forward to talking with the ethics committee chairman - a republican - to show him that he is in perfect legal position. What Mr. Delay does not understand (most unethical people don't) is that ethical is not the same as legal. You can be perfectly legal in everything you do and still be unethical.

Has time run out for Tom Delay? Not yet, but soon. Hasta la vista, Baby!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Delay and the Republicans Set To Minimize Delay's Ethics Probs - Blame the Democrats and the Press.

DeLay's Backers Launch Offense (

Don't let Tom Delay and the national Republicans get away with trying to change the focus of the story - It IS about Tom Delay and his lack of ethics and moral fiber; it is NOT about democrats and the press. When Hillary Clinton suggested that there was a vast, right-wing conspiracy that was out to get her husband, she was laughed at - and was accused of trying to divert focus from Bill's self-made problems. This is the same kind of thing - the old bait and switch. Tom Delay caused all of his own problems by being a sleazeball and by judging other people. He is an out-of-control powermonger who needs to be taken out of the political mix. He really thinks he can control the congress, the judiciary and the press.

He is living in another world! Send him packing!

Friday, April 08, 2005

This Just in...The Pope is Still Dead

Ever since the massive media storm started the week before the pope died, I have withheld talking about the coverage because I had to give the regular media outlets time to show their journalistic sense. Just a reminder - this coloumn is mainly about bad Journalism. To start, I have to state that, yes, the pope dying is a big news story. According to mass media figures, the numbers of members in the U.S. alone are about 65 million. Catholics number as the number #1 Christian religion in the world. That being said, the unprecedented news coverage is offensive in its depth, scope, time, length and effusiveness by the anchors. It is overkill and a blight on the Journalistic landscape. Here we have news anchors and correspondents giving glowing personal accounts of their meetings with the pope, both personal and professional. They sling out superlatives such as "amazing, fascinating, awesome, awestruck, deeply religious, profoundly humanitarian, the Father, the Shepherd, the most charming man" and some members of the media said they were at a loss for words in describing this man of peace.

Come on, folks! The man was the head of a backwards-thinking hardcore religious order that committed atrocities in the past far greater than the nazi atrocities of W.W.I.I. The Spanish Inquisition, The Crusades, the genocide of the American Indians, including those in North, South and Central America, are just a few of the bigger episodes. This currently dead pope set back the causes of women, gay and lesbian equality, freedom of choice, contraception and population control. The church has more money than god which they spend on religious icons and ultra-ornate churches, altars and shrines, but cannot help the poor - which they require 10 percent tithing. No-one mentions that there are very few people converting to Catholicism - instead, the church relies on people born into the the faith. Does anyone ever mention that their doctrines might have ulterior motives such as keeping the numbers up by their members having lots and lots of children - check it out!

The Roman church and the pope never really got involved or answered the questions of the pedophile priests in the U.S., but instead, claimed the American priests are not typical of the rest of the priests across the world. They horded their money instead of settling the lawsuits, forcing the parishioners and dioceses in the U.S. to pay off the victims of molestation. This pope did not take responsibility for the perverted priests. Instead, he made junkets across the world claiming to be a man of peace.

Bad Journalism of the mass media drove this "amazing sight of millions of people flocking to see the pope". If the media had not had wall-to-wall coverage (what I call all pope, all the time), I feel sure the event would have been a footnote in history. It is time for the media to re-assess itself and quit driving stories they think are are important only because of the close connection to the story that their lofty positions allowed them to have. Plant your feet back down on the earth - I mean, really! Tim Russert - a catholic, talked about the most profound day when he got an audience with the pope and the pope kissed Tim's baby! Harry Smith, Katie Couric, and all the others just waxed more effusively each day - more than they did for any American president, that is for damned sure. To put this into perspective, there are 250 million Americans who are NOT catholic, and for whom the pope was the head of a repressive religious organization. Give the rest of us a break and cover this story like any other news story - other news came and went that was not appropriately nor adequately covered during your massive pope coverage. Check your emotions at the door and give us the NEWS - not the religious news complete with sappy commentary.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tom Delay Blames "Liberal" Media For his Unethical Behaviour - "It's a Left-wing Conspiracy." - DeLay blasts media over report of payments to family - Apr 6, 2005

Once again, Tom Delay blames the media for his self-crreated woes. On top of the ethics charges for which he has already been sanctioned, the ethics charges he is facing right now in congress, the legal problems in Texas, it has now been revealed that his wife and daughter accepted 3rd party and lobbyists trips, perks, and for the past four years they have been paid in excess of $500,000.00 from PACs and political groups controlled by Delay.

He then says it is part of a smear campaign by the "liberal" media to smear his good name. Yeah, right! Tell another one and you can replace Pinochio for having the longest nose! What a joke! Publicly, national republicans say they support Delay against these attacks - privately, these same republicans say they are getting tired of having to defend the man, and his power is diminished. Vote the immoral, unethical bastard out! He is so full of hate he is turning me into an activist! ME! Sheeesh!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"YOUR PAPERS - ACHTUNG!" U.S. Citizens Will Need to Show Passport to travel to Neighboring Countries, Carribean - Big Brotherism Comes!

Americans may need passports to re-enter U.S. from Canada, MexicoUnder the guise of antiterrorism, the U.S. Governement wants to make you register to get in and out of the country. No longer may you step across the border of Canada or Mexico, or plan a quick jaunt to the Caymans - forget about the Barefoot Cruise with your trusty passport. Beginning in 2008, according to the Bush administratiion, evryone must show their "papers" to get back in the country.

I have said time and time again that the erosion of our rights to travel would suffer under the perceived threat of terroism, and I hate to say it, but I was RIGHT! Police State here we come - Your Papers, Schnell, dumkopf! You voted for these folks - it serves you right. Ben Franklin said it best - "Those who are willing to surrender their rights for security shall end up with neither."

Friday, April 01, 2005

Senator Blames Clinton Administration For Intelligence Failures, Tooth Fairy For Cavities

KYTV Springfield

One of the 9/11 Intelligence Commission's members, Senator Bond, blamed the intell failures on the Clinton Administratiion. He says that the 20 percent budget cuts in the last years of Clinton's term hurt the intell efforts, and the CIA director let too many spies go from the federal payroll.

Of course, the senator will blame Clinton and his bunch - it could not be the fault of the current president, who put yesmen into high-level positions, and they then told him what they thought he wanted to hear. And, of course, intelligence wasn't gathered in 2001, 2002, and 2003 - before the Iraq war - prior to making the decision to launch a preemptive strike against a country. No one goes into a war without proper intell - that would be! Wait! Isn't that what Bush did? Yep! I believe the White House has had no intelligence for years, and no spy info, either! Let's not blame Clinton - Bush is real big on accountability - of other people - let's see him take the blame for his mistakes. Nah - that cannot happen because then he would have to admit he is WRONG! That's wrong, wrong, wrong! Not gonna happen, not gonna happen!

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