Thursday, March 31, 2005

When it Rains, It Pours - Wolfowitz okayed For President of World Bank - Disaster Soon To Follow

Telegraph | News | Wolfowitz defies critics in role at World Bank Need I say more? THe Fox (or wolf) is in the hen house, and all the chickens should be leery! He says he wants to help the poor, but what about all the countries he wants to invade? Will they get decent treatment for their financial woes if the Bush pointman and architect for war has anything to say about it? He says he is a changed man - Wolfs are always iffy at best among civilization. Get ready to replace your chickens, y'all!

Delay, Other GOP Leaders Threaten Judiciary Over Schiavo Rulings - Politics - GOP Goes on Judicial Offensive

Hours after Terri Schiavo died, Tom Delay was busy criticizing the judiciary with "The time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior..." His venomous words show just how twisted this man has become. If he can't win legally, he attacks whether he has been proven wrong or not. The fallout of this case needs to fall on his head - get the idiot out of office - and all those who think they speak for us all in matters of religion. he is no moral leader and the separation of Church and State has never been more clear. If these idiots had their way, we would all be charged with crimes against the church.

I still maintain Delay is an idiot, and those who keep him in office do a disservice to the rest of America. Recall the idiot now!Tell you congressman and senator and president that you want them to back off the religious dogma and stick to political issues - Hey! Why don't htey try to represent us! That would be novel! SHEESH!

Terri Schiavo Dies

What is left to say? A sad chapter ends in the political battle concerning who makes decisions for people in healthcare crisis. Will this woman be laid to rest for good, never knowing the intense storm her life and death brewed? Will the parents battle over the remains - even though a judge has already ruled Mrs. schiavo's husband has the right to designate how her remains are to be handled? Mr. Schiavo says his wife's remains will be cremated and buried in his family plot in Virginia; The Schindlers want her buried - not cremated - where they designate. An autopsy will be performed, though it might be indeterminate as to Terri Schiavo's medical condition prior to death. Jeb Bush still speaks out as if he matters, and the congress is set to hold hearings on this matter.

She may be dead, and may have never known the world's interest in her dying days, but this battle is slated to alway have her name attached to it. How sad.

28th Court Filing in Schiavo case Rejected By SCOTUS - Appeals Court Judge Chastises Legislature and President

ABC News: High Court Rejects New Schiavo Request

The highest court in the land again rejected an appeal by the Schindlers, Terri Schiavo's parents. This makes the 6th appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, and the 4th appeal to the 11th Circuit Federal Court. Justice Birch, in denying the 11th Circuit appeal chastised the U.S. Legislature and the president in their attempts to rewrite the constitution saying that they going against the very system that the founding fathers had set up and going against the separation of powers that protects the people of the United States.

About damned time someone other than me said this. If you remember, I have said the same thing from the begginning of this fiasco.

It is scary the way our leaders are acting - we have seen it coming for years, but no-one is doing anything about it. I suggest people reconsider their elected officials and take back the government next election cycle. Remember, your vote counts, and the silent majority needs to find their voice, or they are doomed to lose it. Hey, I just report this stuff! I don't make it up.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Former Nat'l Boy Scout Official Pleads Guilty To Having Child Porn - 520 Photos of Young Boys|Ex-Boy Scout Official Pleads Guilty to Child PornA Texas-based Boy Scout leader has pleaded Guilty to possession of child pornography - at least 520 phots which he passed on to a "buddy list" on the internet.

Gotta watch people who love working with children on a one-to-one basis - there ain't no merit badge given for this kind of skill!

Dr. Stan From the Starting Over Series Testifies at Jackson Trial!

ABC News: Psychologist Testifies False Claims RareDr. Stan Katz joined the SO staff as the resident shrink this season. He is the one who turned in Jackson for his allegedly abusing the 13-year boy at the center of this trial.

Go Dr. Stan!

Federal Appeals COurt denies Hearing In Schiavo - 27th Court Ruling Could Be Final Appeal?

Court has again refused to intervene in the Terri Schiavo case

In the 27th court ruling by my count, a federal appeals court denied the Schindlers a hearing on the Schiavo case. I hope this is the last plea to the court. This case has had far more opportunities to be heard in what should have ended years ago than any other case of its kind. I feel the politicals who jumped on this case at the 11th hour did a grievious disservice to the personal protections and so-called family values that these selfsame politicians hold so dear.

It is too soon to see the ripples that will come out of this case., but my prediction is that Bill Frist, Jeb Bush, and the architect of this political fiasco, Tom Delay, will be held accountable. The main point of this is to make sure people don't forget these overzealous partisan hacks were the prime movers to curtail your rights they claim to hold dear. Don't let them off the hook. Make them wriggle a little before you toss them on the bank to dry in the sun like trash fish and suckerfish.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

One More Bite of The Apple For Schiavo's Parents - 26th Court Filing Gets OK For Review

ABC News: Federal Appeals Court OKs Schiavo Review

In yet another turn, a Federal court agreed to review the Schiavo case - this is the 26th hearing by my count. During the past two weeks in Texas, several patients with similar conditions have had their life support withdrawn, and subsequently died after losing all appeals and the medical ethics panel decided that the patients were beyond help. Where was the outcry about those lives? Did it make any difference that one of these patients was a small black child? The mother pleaded in the local media to save her baby's life and called it murder. Where were the evangelists and Tom Delay? Was this child's life somehow less precious? Did the mother not hurt as much as the Schindlers? I guess Tom Delay was too busy to get involved. Another case in Texas involved a man in a vegetative state was given the ethics panel death decision, but the family finally found some hospital who would accept the man - or he would have died under similar circumstances. The wife is fighting to keep this man alive though he has no hope of being restored to any semblance of life.

It makes one wonder just what all these folks fighting for Terri Schiavo's life really have in mind - Perhaps a change in a woman's right to personal choice? Well, it seems to have backfired. Notice that people are now concerned with unwarranted government intrusion into family decisions that should be kept private and personal. In other words - "No More Big Brother!"

Delay's Republican Friends Try To Defend His Stance on DNR of Father 16 Years Ago

Think Progress » Right Wing Whines About the LA Times

THis article lists several links to stories of Tom Delay's friends who try and justify Delay's different stance on the sanctity of life of his own father - who suffered brain damge as a result of a tram accident 16 years ago. Delay and his family decided to not give his father life-saving medical treatment in the form of dialysis for his shut-down kidneys. Delay and his family say they denied medical treatment to a dying man - but Terri Schiavo was healthy and not dying until the feeding tube was removed. Delay and his supporters claim the two cases are totally dissimilar. Let's see- the Delay's father could have survived if the kidney dialysis was done. Many people live well past 15 years on those blood-cleaning machines. Terri Schiavo, who has no brain cortex and never will, needed life -sustaining feeding tubes to keep her alive. Both processes are medical treatments that are used to keep people alive. Without these processes, the folks would die - with them they would live longer. What is the difference? Nothing as far as I can see.

In a related note, Bill Frist - a medical doctor and Senate majority leady, has come out with a tape explaining his take on Terri Schiavo's medical condition. He has NEVER examined Mrs. Schiavo, and he tries to dispute the findings of the court appointed doctors who have examined Terri Schiavo - in person - aand who are acknowleged experts in neurology. Frist is not an expert, and he used to hold the right-to-die position when he was elected to the senate - but he sold out to the right religious fundalmentalists - the same as Tom Delay. Both are politicians who try to advance their personal political future on the dying back of a helpless woman who has a husband who can make decisions for her since she cannot. I am ashamed that Tom Delay is from Texas, but his voters in Ft. Bend County need to boot him out of office before he does more damage.

Delay has never met a dollar or a hardcore cause he didn't like; as long as it deters people from his ethics violations. What a man! And what dolts those Ft. Bend Voters are! "Idiots, most are - yess!", says Yoda.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Jeb Bush, Florida Legislature will likely force a Bill to force Feeding Tube back in for Schiavo

Schiavo right-to-die case headed for US Supreme Court

According to this article, Jeb Bush, brother to the prez, and the Florida legislature will try to pull what the national congress did - make a law to force a feeding tube back into Terri Schiavo. The sad part is - it might work, for a bit.

Shared Space and Bloggers, Journalists Change Face Press Credibility

The Nation | Article | Blogging, Journalism and Credibility | Rebecca MacKinnon

A great article looking into the new roles bloggers play in changing the way news is covered, and how the press no longer has exclusive access to information.

Journalism teachers and professors take note!

Memos, Tapes Show Republican Grandstanding in Schiavo Case

The Nation | Column | Life, Death and Cynical Grandstanding | Robert Scheer

This case has not played well with anyone but the most staunch religious pro-life factions - The Nation has published editorials and articles about how wrong the republicans and the president are in their stance. This editorial points out the fallacies of the republican arguments. A good read.

Score one for common sense

Monday, March 21, 2005

KPRC Weighs in on the Schiavo Case - Compares Apples To Oranges

Once again, KPRC Channel 2 in Houston sounds off with poor reporting. This channel tries to always put a local spin on national news - in this instant they decided to find a local person who was kept alive by feeding tube. What they found was a young girl with cerebral-palsy who has a related disorder that requires her food intake via feeding tube. Apples and oranges, folks! Terri Schiavo has a neurological condition called "persistent vegetative state", which is much more severe than cerebral-palsy. The young girl with CP cannot speak, but she can communicate with her hands. She goes to school, interacts with people, and most of her problems are motor-skills impairment. Mrs. Schiavo has NO cerebral Cortex - therefore she has no interaction with the world other than autonomic functions. Her eyes work and react to stimuli, but they don't dont "see"; her responses are not that of a person who thinks - unlike the young girl with CP.

KPRC needs to check their facts, understand what they are reporting on, and quit trying to compare apples to oranges - it is not good reporting, and is misleading of the complexities of the problems. Ask a doctor - sheeesh, I will supply a list of specialists for you to interview. Call me. We'll do lunch!

And Now For Something Completely Different...Camilla Can Be Queen!

Guardian Unlimited | Parker Bowles in Line to Become Queen

And now for some frivilous reading. Camilla can be queen, some say in the U.K. According this news article, there are still some countries in the British Empire who have the Royal Family named as head of state in their constitutions, so once Camilla marries Charles she becomes queen.

Even the royal famiy can't control their countries as much as Tom Delay wants to control this one. What a hoot!

Federal Judge To Hear Schiavo Case At 3 P.M. Today - News - Federal Judge To Hear Schiavo Case At 3 P.M.Well, as sure as noone will intervene in case i am in the same position as Terri Schiavo, a federal judge will hear the case to reinsert the feeding tube into Mrs. Schiavo at 3:00 P.M. today. This article has all the info you need on this matter. Give it a read.

Editorial from John Phillips - On Congress and Terri Schiavo

Indiana Printing & Publishing Co.

Here is a good editorial that puts the Schiavo fiasco into perspective. Worth a read, folks.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Schiavo Bill becomes Law - vote was less than a majority - 203 to 58, Barely a quorum

CBC News: U.S. Representatives pass Schiavo bill In yet another unprecedented move, the republican congress has passed into law the Schiavo bill - with a bare quorum, and without a majority vote, and all this during the Easter break. Pretty soon, the congress won't even have to meet - just Tom Delay, Hastert, and Frist need be present, and pass their own agenda into law.

Shame on you, America, Shame on you! I said the same thing when Bush struck against Iraq in a preemptive strike; this is the same thing, and I said so before it came to a head.

Get your head out the sand America! Wake and smell the religious icons burning in your yard! Sheeesh!

Congress Set To Preempt State's Rights, Judiciary in Highly Political Case - Meanwhile, Back on Earth...

Congress embroiled in Schiavo case Congress is all set to do more yet more damage to your rights as they try a preemptive strike against state's rights, the separation of powers and individual liberties by passing a bad piece of legislation in a hurry-up legislation session. The republicans see this case as an opportunity to solidify their hardcore religious conservative base while putting the democrats on a dangling thread - if demos try to block the bad bill, they can be painted as not caring about human life; but if they vote for it, demos look like they are giving in to the republicans. And everyone knows this congress has so little guts that they need a stick up their collective ass in order to walk.

As I've told my readers, this stinks to high heaven and nothing short of a political miracle can stop this ill-fated steamroller. Sheesh! Delay claims to be fighting for a chance to have Terri Schiavo saved, but the man wants to execute kids who commit bad crimes. He decries the law - Florida law in this case, and decries the decisions of the Supreme Court in the case of juvenile death penalty ban. He is consistently an asshole, I will give him that. I am thinking of moving to his district just so I can run against him. It would be fun, but he would likely have me shot on some back road. Who knows? He does not draw any lines when it comes to ethics and morals.

Like these folks actually care about Terri Schiavo - they just want to make political hay while the sun shines.

Sorry, but I am pissed at the tenor of the times. It troubles me greatly because I cannot figure where this usurption will stop. Perhaps when we are forced to say our daily prayers at work or face jail time? Or how about when you decide your medical fate, but Delay disagrees with your decision and forces his agenda on you?

Al Franken got it wrong! Rush Limbaugh is annoying - Tom Delay is an idiot!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Virginity Pledges - Unrealistic Expectations, and STD Still Transmitted to Pledgers

Teen Pledges Barely Cut STD Rates, Study Says (

Those who have read my rants and raves for years know how I feel about Virginity Pledges - and this tends to prove the points i made in the past. Unrealistic, and doing something for someone else's view of how the world should be are not conducive to good mental and physical health. This is the generation of "it's not sex if it's not vaginal sex" - such a head-in-the sands stance has led to a severe misunderstanding of sexuality and of the realities of STDs.

Sex Education in school should be mandatory for health and safety reason - it impacts all of us, and obviously, parents DO NOT DO THE JOB!

Spare me the pledges and teach those kids about condoms - CONDOMS - wrap that rascal!

Delay, Mr. Ethics, calls Kettle Black - Vows to Fight For Schiavo

ABC News: DeLay Says He's Not Giving Up Schiavo Fight

Tom Delay (R -Texas), has vowed to fight against what he calls a "moral and legal tragedy." This is the same man who puts himself above the law, has had three reprimands for ethics violations from his republican controlled house of representative, and may face felony indictment for trying to get around the election spending laws.

Now the man wants to usurp state's rights and insert himself and the entire congress into the domain of the judiciary. He is criticising the Supreme Court for deny his congressional request for a stay in the Schiavo matter.

Let's face it - the dude is smarmy! He is a power-hungry mutt who believes the laws of the U.S. and of the states are not applicable to him. He also seems to believe that he can manipulate his power into bending the congress to do his will when he sees fit.

This is the best case for term limits - the man's got too much power, and his constituents won't get him out of office precisely because of that power - they receive a lot of pork from him while he is in congress. Delay, if he lived in another time, would have been a great inquisitor for the Spanish Inquisition, and would have fit in well with the McCarthy-era mentality of power makes right.

What fools these mortals be.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Senate Republicans Move To Circumvent FL. State Judge's Ruling in Right-To-Die Case|Fght over brain-damaged woman shifts to invitation from US Senate Republicans

"This is clearly an effort to circumvent a lawful court order by a state judge,' Simon said. 'I am not sure how a subpoena, which is ordinarily done to produce records or somebody to testify, can essentially have the effect of an injunction overriding the orders of a court.'"

After so many court challenges by the patient's parents, the U.S. Senate Republicans try to subvert the judicial process by overreaching with the issuance of subpoenas to Terri Schiavo, her parents, the doctors involved and everyone else connected to the case. This is clearly a case of interference by the senate of states rights, and it is also improper when it tries to get around a judge's ruling.

The law has been so twisted in who determines when to pull the plug that it seems it no longer matters as to the legal rights of spouses when it comes to making health decisions for an incapacitated spouse.

Cruel and Unusual punishment is what i see. This case demonstrates the need to have a medical power of attorney on hand for those who wish to die under the same circumstance.

As to the bad headline from the page - the senate did not send an "invitation"; subpoenas were issued - mandatory, not permissive.. Get it correct, folks.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bush Sets out to Erode World Bank - Selects Iraq War Architect as Bank President

Bush Picks Wolfowitz for New World Bank President In yet another pivotal moment, Bush has selected another neo-conservative yesman as his choice for a world organization appointment. The plan looks as if the prez wants all positions of foreign diplomacy and control to be staffed by these ultra conservative yesmen. I think he wants to control the world, start a holy war, and stay in office under emergency powers.

Nah - he is just not that smart - he is just listening to bad advisors and setting us back to the time of gunboat diplomacy. Pity us.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Calif. Court Says Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

The New York Times > National > California Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

I'm sure it will be appealed, but this ruling does much toward showing the reasons why such bans are unconstitutional.

Remember, it's not equal if one segment of the population is treated differently.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Bush Admininistration produces propaganda to to look like news

News; Here is the news... from President Bush

The Bush administration has managed to sneak in fake news reports in an effort to further their agenda. The "press releases" are made to look like actual news reports, complete with intros that local news anchors can read to introduce the fake stories. This is unconstitutional, unethical, and highly offensive. I wonder where we will end up. The Gubernator, Arnold, has also used government fund to produce similar fake reports. Remember, Nixon and Reagan used their high office to pass on disinformation. Reagan had enough probs at the end of his tenure that he could barely get Bush Sr. elected. Nixon, resigned before he was impeached for subverting the constitution, high crimes and misdemeanors.

On another note - Bush plans to name karen Hughes to a state department job in order to get the rest of the world to likke the bush policies - Her tactics only worked in the U.S. because they preyed on the fears of the religious conservatives, and hinted at racial strife that would be put down if republicans were elected. It may have been bought in Peoria, but it won't sell in Persia.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bush Further Isolates U.S. - Withdraws from Inmate Accord

Top News Article |

In another move that defies the stated goals of fencemending this country's relationships with other countries, Bush has withdrawn from the Vienna Accord that gives foreign prisoners the right to have consular contact soon after arrest, and gives the International court the ability to settle disputes over jurisdiction. According to the state department, the U.S. will still allow consular contact with inmates, but the U.S. courts will decide any legal issues that develop. The upshot is - only if the U.S. decides to allow contact with diplomats will an inmate gain such access, and we know how good this administration is about following through on promises that are not backed by law - slim and none.

All this is because Bush is still trying to defend the death penalty that most of this country and the world opposes as brutal. Compassionate Conservatism? Yeah, Right!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bolton - Hardliner named ambassador to U.N. Fencemending? Red Flag Waving More Like It - Curious pick for U.N. post When Bush named Bolton to be the next ambassador to the U.N., he named a man who is more interested in the U,S. calling the shots for other countries, rather than being a diplomat. I always thought a diplomat as one was able to negotiate with other diplomats - not dictate. Is this a sign that Bush Condy's fenecemending trips in the last few weeks were just so much hot air? Stay tuned for more on this story. We will see how it flies in the senate hearings.

Remember, this Bolton is the guy who said you could "lop off" the top ten floors of the U.N. building and wouldn't do any harm since the U.S. is the only country that matters in world politics. The U.S. speaks, and the world does what it says kind of mentality. Sheesh. Just what we need - more hardcore lip from a man who now says he was "just joking". Go figure.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Bush Claims al-Zarqawi, bin Laden a Threat to U.S. - Also claims Water is "wet", Sun is "Bright"

al-Zarqawi and bin Laden pose threats to US: Bush The "duh" story of the year! I thought Bush already knew these earth-shaking facts. We cannot find bin Laden, and now we can't find al-zarqawi. Instead of pushing for Social Security revamping, perhaps our fearless leader should make catching the bad guys a higher priority. My suggestion is - "look for them!" I mean, really! a 60 day selling tour for SSI, but we still don't know where bin Laden is. We took over an entire country, but we don't know where al-zarqawi is. It seems to me that the intelligence failures of the past are not as past as we need. All this reform of Intell gathering and we haven't a clue? Ridiculous! Someone must have informed the prez that these guys were still out there making a mockery of the U.S. Intelligence branches. "Oh," he likely said. "I need to tell the peeps that we're on top of it." "Hehe!"

Ancient Indonesian Small Human called "hobbit" deemed "Smart" by Scientists

´Hobbit was a smart little human` say scientists

A little evolution news. Scientists clain the hobbit-sized humans tht once lived in Indonesia were capable of high-level thinking. Read the article.

Yet another example of 'size doesn't matter' - or that is what we men like to think.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Update: Students forced to stand for pledge and Anthem

APP.COM - Video of teacher's outburst is on WebHere is the update with more details of the cameraphone pledge incident. Read it and you will find that the student was suspended for 10 days, according to reports - the teacher was not discipline. The school district is pissed that the student recorded the teacher. And that is all they think is wrong, other than making a stricter policy against cell phones on campus, and stopping illegal taping in classrooms. Morons have control of the schools! Sheesh.

Teacher Forces Students to Stand For Pledge of Allegiance

KPRC Houston had an actual news story, but failed to treat it as such. I tried to find it on their website, but they decided not to post it - so much much for that story. Here is what was shown on the 6 pm newscast: A student had his cameraphone and recorded his male teacher yelling and screaming at the students (high schoolers) because several of them refused to stand up and recite the pledge of allegiance. He forced them to stand and "keep their mouths shut" and show respect. All the news ancher had to say about it was that school district in New jersey was looking in to the story to see if the teacher violated any school policy. SCHOOL POLICY!?! Are they kidding!?! It is a terrible thing when kids are forced to pay respect to either the flag, the pledge or the country. The teacher should be fired for failing to live up to the minimum standards of good conduct and for failing to recognize that students do not have to participate in the pledge or even in recognizing the flag as a symbol. Do require them to do so is so "out there" that this defender of freedom needs to be forced to do something disagreeable to him - I know - APOLIGIZE to the students and the class in general for acting like a gestapo ass! This is exactly why we should not have mandatory pledges or prayers or a "moment of silence" in our schools - it singles out the individual who chooses not to participate. As one of these folks, i know exactly how those students felt. For an in-depth perspective on the history of the pledge go here pledge lawyer and be shocked if you did not know this.

Seig Heil, mien Teacher!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

U.S. to Drop Insistence on Anti-Abortion Plank at UN

Top News Article |

The U.S. government, in its pig-headedness, in the person of the prez, has been opposed to abortion overseas as much as it opposes it here in the states. Well, the word is that they will drop their insistence on forcing the rest of the world to adopt such a stance. Citing unnamed countries, the negotiators stated the measure would not be needed since the majority of countries are in agreement with the White House. You cannot tell that by any fact or survey. It seems like a move to save face.

What was overlooked in this entire drama is the fact that the law of THIS land is that a woman's right to choose IS a FUNDAMENTAL right! SCOTUS decided in ROE v. WADE and refused to hear new cases in the past 4 years. For the chief executive to make his own law is against everything our country stands for. He is the chief law enforcer - not a legislator - not a judge. This president refuses to accept limits on his power and I believe we, as Americans will suffer in the future for his hasty actions. You read it here first. Later

Excerpts from Supreme Court Arguments in the Ten Commandments Cases

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: AP - Washington, D.C.: Ten Commandments Excerpts

A must read - regardless of the side you take, the questions and answers in this case before SCOTUS is fascinating! It demonstrates why it is so hard to draw a line between religious context and secular context. Expand your mind - WWSCOTUSD (what would the supreme court of the united states do?)- The decision will be handed down sometime in June - we will keep you posted.

Pro-life Hardliners Decry Juvenile Death Penalty Abolishment

The Supreme Court Continues To Betray The Innocent - Dave Gibson

Still crazy after all these years, the pro-lifers still don't see the illogical stance they have taken. First, these people applaud the Supreme Court when it sides with police over individual rights of accused criminals; then, they blast the same court when come down on protecting the young people who we say are not grown up enough to sign contracts, marry without permission, or drink. Instead, these folks keep insisting that executions are fine - an eye for an eye - but a woman's right to choose equates to murder.

You can't have it both ways - either it is wrong to kill, or it isn't. This is how it stands in the book they claim is the authority for their stance. An eye for an eye is old testament, and, according to the new testament, is superceded by the forgiveness doctrine of Jesus.

what is even weirder, these are the same people that will decry the decision in the Ten Commandments cases now being heard by SCOTUS. If the high court decides that it is a violation of separation of church and state, these people will be the first to call SCOTUS vile and evil. Remember, one of the commandments is Thou shalt not kill - it does not read "unless you believe they are bad people" there is no exception carved there, no caveat, no nothing. Have a little consistency in your stance, for crying out loud! I find that I don't like most of the rulings handed down by SCOTUS recently, but I still subscribe to individual rights and the rule of law. A woman's right to choose what is carried in her body is, up to a point, is her decision - even though it affects a potential life. Just because a person believes in some book they hold sacred and dear, its teachings should rule that person's life - not be imposed on those who do not choose it as their way of life - If I remember correctly, it was Jesus who said render unto Ceasar things that are Ceasar's - render unto god things that are god's. It could not be plainer - living in the secular world means following the rules of the secular world. Choosing what you do and how you live is where your religion comes in. Don't try to make everybody else walk lockstep in you dogma - that dog won't hunt.

High Court Hears Ten Commandments Case - Depends on Context

Context key in high court trial of religious displays

When the high court sits in judgment on the several cases involving religious monuments on state property, it will likely issue an opinion that is all about context. This article is the best one that describes what could be acceptable and what could be barred by the constitution. In the article, the author explains the carved frieze that adorns the U.S. Supreme Court Building in Washington. Moses carrying the Ten Commandments is one of 17 other figures that are honered as great lawgivers of history. Context matters. In the cases before the court today, the monuments stand alone and are honoring the religion from whence the Commandments came - namely Christianity. Apples and oranges. I believe SCOTUS will come out with ruling that will dissatisfy all sides - Intent of the monument, and context. But, who know? Perhaps they will actually draw a bright line - that is, they might just say that a single religious icon cannot be placed on government property. I predict they will point over their shoulders and state that their mural is the limit. Context. Just remember, SCOTUS sessions of court always begin with "God save this honorable court...." That should tell you they already know the answer. We must sit and wait. And pray? Nah!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Journalist declares U.S. a Republic - not a Democracy, uses Ikea store mob as illustration

When Democracy Leads To "Mob Rule" - Gordon Bishop

I have to disagree in part with Gordon Bishop, awrd-winning joournalist. The U.S. is a democratic Republic. A pure republic would be a loosely-based gathering of independent sovereigns for mutual protection and economic security. The U.S. is much more than this. Remember, we had a civil war because some of the states tried to secede from the republic. We haven't been a true republic since then. We are a social democracy with remnants of a republic. The last thing that must go in order to be a true "mob rule" democracy is to get rid of the electoral college. It was put in place precisely to prevent the "mob rule" thinking. Our founding fathers were schooled in Plato and Plutarch. Plato always claimed that the masses did not know what was good for themselves - I say let's try it. It's got to be better than what we got.

Mainstream Media fails to raise Negroponte's ties with Iran-Contra scandal.

Media Omissions on Negroponte's Record

In my own defense, I really that everybody already knew about Negroponte's involvement with Iran-Contra. I guess i was wrong. This appointment as the new director of intelligence part of the pattern of the Bush administration. All the past wrong-doers have been given plum jobs in the current administration. All of the hardcore anti-clinton folks - like Lindsey Graham, have been rewarded for their efforts on behalf of the GOP. Hell, even Hillary and Graham went on a fact-finding mission together just last week. I expect the world to end in a few days - all the biblical signs are there - hehe. Remember, you heard it here first.

The Anatomy of a Blog smear campaign - it cost Daschle his seat.

AlterNet: MediaCulture: Blog Storm in the Midwest

I ran across this detailed analysis of how paid right-wing bloggers worked to unseat Tom Daschle with smear tactics and daily hammering at the walls of the daily newspapers in South Dakota this past election - and, yes, jeff Gannon - was involved in this, too. Of course, at that time, he was using his "real" name - James Guckert, the now discredited GOP liar and print hitman. Another example of pseudo-journalism exposed by a real journalist, albeit a democrat. His story was still in-depth, well-researched and well-written. The timeline is shown quite well. Read his article to understand what a couple of people with funds can do with the internet.

Remember the GOP's motto - say it early enough and often enough, and it will soon become reality. Nuff said

Americans believe opinion over fact, new poll shows chilling trend

Christian Science Monitor Blog | My American Experience Archive March, 2005

This article talks about the new Harris Poll that shows Americans believe as truth information that is merely conjecture and opinion rather than the facts. Read the entire story to see what I am talking about. The summary: the false belief - More Americans believe Saddam had WMDs before we invaded - Fact: Every objective report states quite clearly that Saddam and Iraq had NO WMDs. Period. the false belief: more Americans believe that Saddam had a lot of ties to Al qaeda and that Saddam help plan the 9/11 attacks - Fact: There is NO evidence in the record from ANYWHERE that ties Saddam to Al Qaeda

What Americans need to do is read and listen to more than the mainstream righters who want nothing more than to support their agendas even if it means spewing misinformation around. Reagan made misinformation an artform; today's right-wingers have turned it into an everyday tool used to reinforce their own self-agrandizing opinions. Listen for facts. Learn to discriminate between opinion and fact. When someone says "I believe..." that is a real big clue that what follows is a belief and opinion - not fact.

If all the Rush Limbaughs and Bill O'reillys of the world were able to be sued for flatout lying, we could sovle the deficit crunch really quick! I believe (see - look for the opinion) that these type of shows that value opinion over fact are the main reason Shrub got re-elected - misinformation that ignorant lamers listen to and repeat. We used to call them dittoheads, now they are dangerous. Beware the ides of march (timely use of Shakespeare - someone those aforementioned buggers would call a wimpy liberal fag). Enough stupidity for me for now. I pity The U.S. for the next few years.

Houston's KPRC Panders to Lowest Common Denominator - They ran a Demon Hunters story

KPRC News - Houston Couple Fights 'Demons' With Christianity

I watched the promos for week about how these demon hunters use religion to hunt down and get rid of demons in people and objects. Each time, the promo made it sound like a real news story - or that KPRC was treating it like news. The story ended up being about a couple of Christian "demon hunters" - you know, exorcists. At the end of the story, KPRC covers its ass by having a few other religious leaders around the city to say that demons don't exist and they don't inhabit people and objects.

KPRC should be ashamed of itself for running such drivel. They use teasers about this "real-life" story, and it turns out to be a nonstory. Like much of the "stories" on their station. My wife and I call these pseudo-journalistic storties "woulda, coulda, shoulda" stories. These are stories that could have been called news if the facts were totally different. It is kind of like saying "a man nearly lost his life in a fire which engulfed his home - but, thank heaven, he wasn't home at the time."

If I could pick up more station out here in the boonies, I'd not watch Channel 2 KPRC at all. Unfortunately, We only get that station, the Aggie station in Bryan, and The tube - which has no news at all - unless you count early morning christian shows as news sources - I sure don't. More later - KPRC never runs out of B.S.!

Delay's PAC Treasurer Trial Begins - Delay Not Charged

Texas Trial Begins Against Treasurer of DeLay Group (

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) created this PAC - a political Action Committee. to subvert the democrats who held seats that he felt should be held by republicans. The treasurer is on trial illegal raising and spending money for the PAC.

The only problem with this trial is that Delay was not indicted - hell, even his ethics censures in congress were just slaps on the wrist. - What fools these mortals be!

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Juvenile Death Penalty Unconstitutional Supreme Court Bars Executions of Murderers Under 18

In a surprise ruling, the divided high court held it unconstitutional to execute someone who was under the age of 18 when he/she committed a crime. The usual suspects dissented in the 5 - 4 ruling: Chief Justice Rehnquist and Justices Sandra Day O'Connor, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. When the chief justice votes it pretty much assures Scalia's vote, and Thomas always votes the same way as the chief justice (except in cases that aren't controversial), and O'Conner almost always votes with the aforementioned trio of hardliners. Justice Kennedy wrote the majority opinion.

'Bout damned time! This abolishment of the juve death penalty affects more than 70 death row prisoners, and no telling how many cases that are still in trial phase.

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