Monday, December 20, 2004

A Case of Libel against a newspaper. - "A Libel Case To Watch - Al Knight This libel suit is brought by a judge who was the subject of 17 negative stories about him by a newspaper. Important reading, especially if he wins.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Debasing the Medal of Freedom (David Shuster)


Other journalists are finally taking a step back and scrutinizing the medal of freedom recipients. Check it out - it confirms my research and expands the requirements.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Google to place libraries online |

This is the stuff of history! Those of us who have been online from the Seventies and Eighties always discussed having real, honest-to-goodness virtual libraries, but the costs were always prohibitive. The other main obstacle was the copyright and payment issue. Project Gutenberg has been trying to make public domain books available online for many years now, but what is needed is access to modern books as well. I still see greed coming into the picture, but I also predict a BMI/ASCAP type organization coming into being to compensate authors and publishers for "book playtime" or readtime. The problems with e-publishing is that the publishers are still greedy bastards and they still charge the same price for an ebook as for a printed book. When I can pay a buck or two to read a book online or add to my online collection, I will say the market is fair. Until then, I will believe it when I see it.

The New York Times > Washington > Bush Honors 3 Ex-Officials Instrumental to Iraq Policy
Talk about Bullshit! The Medal of Freedom was created to pay homage to "civilians" who achieve the equivalent of heroics that would be awarded the Congressional medal of Honor. Mr. Bush has turned the MOF into a political soundbite. What did these men do to deserve the highest civilian honor? They did their job. Period. End of story. Finis. Mr. Tenet presided over the same CIA that did not detect the 9-11 fiasco, but he supported the prez. Paul Brenner has overseen the failed iraq rebuilding, and left the job incomplete. Tommy Franks was already awarded medals and more stars for doing his duty in the military. If he did such a good job, why was he not awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Why did he have the option of retiring before the job was done. I should mention that Mr. Franks campaigned exhaustively for Bush's reelection this past year or so. Did you notice that noone else in the military can choose to retire in the middle of this "war"? Our prez - another nutjob with no vision.

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