Friday, April 23, 2004

Another Scandal For a Newspaper |

Yet another loses job at USA Today newspaper. Editors and top journalists did nothing about fictionalism (my term for ficticious journalism!) from foreign correspondent until an outside source complained.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Stop Embracing the Negative (

This commentary is worth the read for the opinion on Al Franken, et al. It also serves as an example of reporting and commenting on something that has not even been listened to. I like Mr. Raspberry, but he should have at least listened to Al Franken's radio show before commenting. He works for the Washington Post - with their resources, he could have found a copy of the show, or a transcript, or even found a feed on the internet. At least he admits to not having heard the show. He reported on what the press releases claimed the show would be about. Kudos and a raspberry to Mr. Raspberry - a twofer!

Discouraging news from Bad Journalism Central

I started this blog to help shine a spotlight on bizarre Journalism, whether bad, poor, dishonest or otherwise. This story sums up the latest in a series of reporters faking news stories. It is fairly short, and summarizes the various reporters who "done bad". A good story about bad reporting. Good enough for this zenreport.

FRONT PAGE News and Commentary

The absolute worst news source on the planet. is a hate-filled stain on the internet, but it deserves to be visited just for the poor quality of venom-filled rhetoric. It was a fun-filled joy-ride on the darker side of yellow journalists. Definitely from the far far far right. Just beware - don't take their B.S. too seriously. They make a mockery of news, and they are serious about it. I hope I don't get shot! (quickly orders up two Dobermans and Scalia's bodyguards)

False Reporting - a Hoax goes too far; accuses reporter of drunk driving.

Reporters at a rival paper in Colorado took a hoax too far. According to another source, ( see second story) the advertising person and one of the co-owners responsible will be leaving the paper.

From - Music editor axed - he turned 50 - Claims Ageism for the firing.

Music critic for the Cincinnati Enquirer was fired by his bosses for not being "agressive enough" in his reporting, according to the Enquirer. Larry Nager says otherwise. Bad decision? Read it and decide for yourself.
U.S. Freedom of the Press stifled at Free Spech Award Event - Scalia has to apologize days later

U.S. supreme court justice Antonin Scalia in yet another less than sterling performance. This debacle stems from his heavy-handed insistence on not being recorded when giving speeches at public and semi-public appearances.

Capital Games

This story is the most concise and accurate timeline of the Aug. 6, 2001 PDB memo to date. Check it out. And, yes, I know it is from a person who writes bad things about Shrub. It is still worthy of reading for the timeline and spin control done about the memo in 2002.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

It's Easter Sunday and I just read the news. Most of the World news is centered on Iraq. How appropriate for the day. Islam and Christianity clash like plaids and paisleys. Throw in a little Judaism (you know, stripes) and you have a mighty ugly suit!

Bush insists on being right, rather than being correct; the Pope wants us to get along and, by the way, do it his way. The Shia want to rule Iraq; The Sunnis want it their way. The Palestinians want a homeland; The Israelis want it their way.

It seems as if all these people and groups want the same thing - they feel the need to be in charge over all other groups, and they need to have a second-class citizenry to lord it over.

These problems are exactly why the separation of church and state is so important. Religion is a personal matter. If you decide to believe, oh, let's say, Macintosh is lord and ruler - well, that is fine. However, if you try to make other people comply with your strange beliefs, then it is no longer personal - it becomes political and public.

If someone chooses to abide and adhere to a set of moral convictions - fine and dandy; if that someone then tries to pass a law making everyone else comply - that is pushing your belief system on others.

It is easy to see the problem. Bad religious doctrine makes for bad neighbors. Believe what you want, but don't force it on me. Practice your religion, sure, but leave the Jihads and crusades for my soul where they belong: in the privacy of your home or church (temple, synagogue, whatever). People who air their religious gusto in public should not be surprised when someone throws a little mud on them.

Enough with the religious tenor of news articles and politics: I need a break.

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